Breaking News: Court Rules Homeowners Behind Addicks and Barker Dams Are Entitled to Fifth Amendment Compensation -- Government Liable for Project-Induced Flood Damage

Read the Press Release here and the Judge's Order here.

Meet Armi Easterby

Posted on Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 at 6:42 pm    


E. Armistead Easterby, “Armi,” is a proud Texan. Armi attended the University of Texas in Austin. From there he went on to University of Houston Law Center where he was Associate Editor at the Houston Law Review before graduating cum laude in 1996. Armi joined Williams Hart law firm in 2005, and started the commercial trial section in 2008. Williams Hart commercial trial team focuses on environmental cases, intellectual property disputes, and various other commercial litigation matters. Armi Easterby has been licensed to work in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims since January 2000. This is the court is unique in that it handles claims against the federal government. Not all attorneys are licensed to practice in this specific court of law. Armi has also personally negotiated hundreds of oil spill claims and has collected in excess of $50 million for eligible claimants from previous disasters. Armi lives in Houston with his wife and 5 children. He is active in giving back to his community and passionate about the mentoring younger attorneys.

Most of Armi’s cases have centered around situations where a large company has taken advantage of a small family business. “The ‘David and Goliath’ theme is almost always present in my cases,” Armi says, “I know people like to make lawyer jokes and criticize our court system, but time and time again I’ve seen the civil justice system as the only recourse my clients have. It is gratifying to see a small company take on a Fortune 500 company in front of a jury.”

Hundreds of home and business owners have filed claims against the Army Corp of Engineers for their “controlled release” of water from the Barker and Addicks reservoirs. While many people lived in floodplains and were flooded during Harvey many of the neighborhoods upstream of the Addicks and Barker reservoirs were not in the 100 or even 500 year floodplain. These homes had no prior experience of flooding. As such many families were not required to purchase the flood insurance required for floodplain zoned homes. These families experienced up to neck-deep water without any warning. Cases in which average Americans have been harmed by a much larger entity is Armi’s specialty. His experienced legal team is working to get the victims of upstream reservoir flooding back on their feet.