Areas Affected

Hurricane Harvey has dealt a crippling blow to Texas and parts of Louisiana, affecting millions of people. According to early estimates, the costs resulting from this storm’s destruction could reach as high as $180 billion, leaving individuals across this region in need of help from their insurance companies to address the damage and losses they have suffered, allowing them to begin the rebuilding process.

Unfortunately, some home and business owners have also had to deal with the incredible frustration of having their homes intentionally flooded as a consequence of relieving pressure the nearby Addicks and Barker reservoirs. Both upstream and downstream areas were subjected to damage from the decision to release water.

Upstream Flooding

People in Houston who lived “above the dam” near the Addicks and Barker reservoirs never
expected to experience the flooding they experienced after Hurricane Harvey’s record-breaking
rainfall and the decisions made by the Army Corps of Engineers. Many property owners,
business owners, and others in this area suffered massive losses as a direct result of the
government’s decisions, and there is evidence that the city knew that they were in a risk-prone
area but never communicated that information to the people affected.

The attorneys at Williams Kherkher are investigating claims on behalf of homeowners, property
owners, and businesses in the areas upstream of the Barker and Addicks reservoirs. There is
substantial evidence that the Corps of Engineers knew that these properties were in a high-risk
zone and that these areas would likely flood in an event like Hurricane Harvey. Also, many
people were not made aware that their property was located in these reservoirs’ pool areas.

Here at Williams Kherkher, we believe that property owners should not have to pay for damage
that was caused by intentional acts conducted by the government and government-supervised
agencies. Also, we strongly feel that homeowners and business owners should be informed of
risk to their properties, and if an entity fails to disclose valuable information that it is aware of,
that entity should be held accountable for damage to the property in question.

We understand that some people may be unsure of the exact location of these upstream
properties and whether or not their home or business is located in one of these areas. You may
be considered an “affected upstream property” if you are located in:

Addicks Reservoir Upstream Zones: 77084, 77041, 77449

Barker Reservoir Upstream Zones: 77450, 77094

If your property was located in one of these upstream zones and you experienced flooding, you
may be able to take legal action to hold the city and the Corps of Engineers accountable for the
damage to your home or business. The team here at Williams Kherkher are dedicated to
fighting on your behalf, and we understand what you are going through in the aftermath of this
devastating storm.

We have the resources you need on your side, and we are uniquely qualified to handle this
matter on your behalf. Also, as fellow members of your community here in Houston, we are
passionate about this issue and are determined to fight on behalf of our friends and neighbors
here in our hometown. Contact us at (713) 352-0401, chat with us live, or fill out the contact form on this page to get started on your claim right away.

To learn more about what our reservoir flooding claims lawyers can do to help, contact Williams Kherkher today at (713) 352-0401.

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