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The Federal Government’s decisions during the Harvey Event dealt a crippling blow to Fort Bend and Harris County. According to official estimates, thousands of homes and businesses located behind the Addicks and Barker Dams were used as part of the Dams’ reservoir and where thereby inundated by “Federal Water,” which caused billions of dollars of damage. Later, when the Corps made its “surcharge releases” in the early morning hours of August 28th, thousands of Downstream properties were used as a “surcharge corridor,” thereby being submerged in “Federal Water” previously inflicted on Upstream. This was all a direct physical invasion of fundamental property rights directly caused by the Government’s authorized use and operation of the Addicks Barker flood control structure.

Unfortunately, over a year after Harvey, thousands of individuals are still dealing with our Government’s decision to intentionally inundate their homes and businesses. Both Upstream and Downstream areas were subjected to damage from the Corps’ water control decisions. Both Upstream and Downstream are both still in harm’s way.

Upstream Flooding

Many people in Fort Bend and Harris County who live east of the Addicks and Barker Dams were inundated by rainfall impounded by the Corps in late August 2017. The Corps’ own documents reflect that it stored the impounded stormwater on over 7,000 acres of private property. In addition to the massive physical damage to structures and their contents, lives, marriage, and families were displaced for several months. Many are still displaced.

The Corps never paid for the right to use this private land for storing the impounded runoff. The Corp’s property ownership in Addicks and Barker are shown below (colored line is limit of Government-owned land, darker shaded area is area subject to the Government’s flood control project:

The attorneys at Williams Kherkher have filed lawsuits against the United States on behalf of over 600 Upstream families and businesses. Armi Easterby was appointed as Co-Lead Counsel to handle the Upstream Trial, which is set in February of 2019.  There is substantial evidence that the Corps knew the specific homes it would inundate. The cause of the Upstream inundation was the Government’s project. People bought and rented homes in the area with the expectation of not being intentionally flooded by their Government. Here at Williams Kherkher, we believe that these property owners are owed Just Compensation under our 5th Amendment.

We understand that some people may be unsure of the exact location of these upstream properties and whether or not their home or business is located in one of these areas. You may be considered an “affected upstream property” if you are located in:

Addicks Reservoir Upstream Zones: 77084, 77041, 77449. If you live in Bear Creek Central, Bear Creek Village, Savannah Estates, Georgetown Colony, Charlestown Colony, Concord Bridge, Twin Lakes, or Lakes on Eldridge and your structure was inundated in late August of 2017 you may have a claim for Just Compensation under the Fifth Amendment. 

Barker Reservoir Upstream Zones: 77450, 77094. If you live in Canyon Gate, Cinco Ranch, Kelliwood Greens, Kelliwood Park, Greens at Willow Fork, Cinco Ranch Equestrian Village, Kelliwood Lakes, Lakes of Buckingham, Green Trails Village, Windsor Parks Estate, Windsor Park Lakes, or Kingsland Estates and your structure was inundated in late August of 2017 you may have a claim for Just Compensation under the Fifth Amendment. 

If your property was located in one of these upstream zones and you experienced flooding, you may be able to take legal action to hold the city and the Corps of Engineers accountable for the damage to your home or business. The team here at Williams Kherkher are dedicated to fighting on your behalf, and we understand what you are going through in the aftermath of this devastating storm. If you’re not sure about whether you may have a claim, please Williams Kherkher today at (713) 352-0401 to see if you meet our new client criteria.

Downstream Flooding

When the Corps made the decision to open the floodgates at Addicks and Barker in the early morning hours of August 28, 2017, it knew that this act would cause massive flooding downstream of the Dams. Indeed, the Corps’ own maps reflect its awareness that its decision to make “surcharge releases” would destroy thousands of homes located in and around Buffalo Bayou. Tragically, these Downstream residents had been told the Dams were there to protect against — not cause — catastrophic flooding.

If your property is located east of Highway 6 and hadn’t flooded prior to Midnight on August 28th you may have a claim for Just Compensation under the Fifth Amendment.

We have the resources you need on your side, and we are uniquely qualified to handle this matter on your behalf. Also, as fellow members of your community here in Houston, we are passionate about this issue and are determined to fight on behalf of our friends and neighbors here in our hometown. Contact us at (713) 352-0401, chat with us live, or fill out the contact form on this page to get started on your claim right away.

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